Trackside (2016-Current) - PC, TV Broadcast - Tabcorp

  • 3D Artist artist responsible for creating all models and textures for props/environment assets from real world references
  • Responsible for designing and building levels to replicate various racetracks found in Australia
  • Created Blueprint tools that manipulate the placement of assets to allow faster iterations for level design
  • Provided Unreal engine 4 consulting and training

Police 1013 (2015-2016) - PC, Xbox, Playstation - Wingman Games

  • Prop/Environment Artist responsible for creating models and textures for criminal weapons, environment, and prop assets from photo references
  • UE4 Artist responsible for creating Blueprint tools for the Level Designers to use

Project Usagi (2014 - 2016) - PC - Solo

  • Designed, prototyped, built, and optimised playable massive open world fantasy environments
  • Self created almost all of the assets, including Character/Monster animations, 3D meshes and textures, soundtrack, materials and shaders
  • Animation Montages and State Machines
  • Farming System
  • Realtime 3rd person Battle System
  • Heavily modified inventory and day/night system to suit the game's needs
  • Modular Character system
  • Composed the soundtrack for the game

Treasure Hunter (2014) - Mobile - 99% Studios [Cancelled]

  • Created stylised 2D art assets for mobile platform
  • In charge of prototype gameplay design

Saturation (2013) - PC - 99% Studios

  • Designed, prototype, and built levels and environments that were used in final product
  • Created 3D art assets such as props and environment meshes
  • Technical artist responsible for the painting system, particle effects and weapon scripting

Tunnel Quest (2013) - PC/Mobile - 99% Studios [Cancelled]

  • Technical artist responsible for handling animation assets and created the animation controller tree for the characters
  • Create animation rigs for monsters
  • Created rough prototype gameplay scripts for lead programmer

Stereotypical RPG (2011-2012) - PC - Solo

  • Designed, prototype, and built levels and environments with the provided assets
  • Created animated character sprite sheets in accordance to the art style
  • Responsible for the quest system


Art Asset Creation

  • Experienced in prototyping and building environments from scratch to completed product. 
  • Prototype the map's layout to fit design and composition purposes.
  • High and low polygon modelling, texturing, creating PBR shaders/materials, lighting setups and post-processing. 
  • Modular characters that have interchangeable armour, hair, etc.


  • Experienced at quickly creating base animations that can be used for prototyping.
  • Create simple animation rigs for humanoid or non-humanoid characters.

Technical / Optimisation abilities

  • Strong understanding of optimising levels and assets for PC's and mobile devices.

Blueprint Scripting (UE4)

  • Create gameplay mechanics that range from complex battle systems, to simple elements such as interactable doors and lights
  • Create In-Editor tools for artists to use to quickly iterate level designs, such as procedural mesh spawning, mesh placement blueprints

Working in SCRUM

  • Familiar in working in an agile sprints framework 



  • Unreal Engine 4 (Highly Proficient)
  • UDK 3
  • Unity

Art Asset Creation

  • Maya (4+ years)
  • Mudbox
  • Photoshop
  • World Machine
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Designer
  • Speed Tree
  • After Effects
  • Pro Tools


Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment, Queensland University of Technology (2011 - 2013)

  • 3D Animation 2 (High Distinction)
  • Virtual Environments (High Distinction)
  • Real-Time 3D Computer Graphics (Distinction)
  • Enabling Immersion
  • Music and Sound Production